Away from Seget Vranjica 173 km / 2h

Međugorje is one of the most important catholic sanctuaries in the world, located near Čitluk, in the southern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It has about 4.300 inhabitants and it became famous after the Virgin Mary appearance, that started to appear as phenomenon in 1981. Since then this has been one of the most frequented places in Herzegovini, and one of the most popular tourist destinations in BIH, besides Sarajevo. It is different from French Lourd, that became a commercial paradise for over six million people, Međugorje has kept its original charm, where the pilgrims aleways find peace and hope in their faith. The center of “Svetište kraljice mira”, the official name of sanctuary in Međugorje is the church of st. Jakov in the center.