TROGIR – the town of fortunate moments (4 km from Villa Masha)

TROGIR – the town of fortunate moments

The urban complex of Trogir is among the most valuable and best preserved medieval monuments along the eastern Adriatic coast, founded in the 4th century B.C. as the Greek colony of Tragurion. It fully flourished in the Middle Ages. One of its pearls is the Cathedral of St. Lawrence, with the famous Radovan Portal. The master Radovan is the true symbol of stone sculpture art of Trogir. He is also the most important sculptor of the Croatian Middle Ages.

The spirit of the past is felt in all the streets and alleys of Trogir, many of them not to have changed for centuries. At the central town square is the Gothic Cipico Mansion, worth seeing same as the town’s southern seafront where berth most luxurious yacht, whose owners (such as Bernie Ecclestone) visit Trogir regularly. At the western end of the harbour is the attractive medieval Kamerlengo Tower. Of the numerous churches of Trogir, mentioned should be that of St. Nicholas, exhibiting the well known relief of Kairos – the Greek god of fortunate moment (4th-5th century B.C.). In the Sacral Arts Museum is kept Madonna with Child, a work by the great master Duknović, one of the Croatian artists who lived and worked here.

The present day Trogir is a town where modern tourist amenities (picturesque cafés, top restaurants, bars, ecologically clean beaches) merge with the abundant historic and cultural heritage, exciting imagination and inviting to discovering new experiences.
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